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Welding Consumables

Chimney, machine building, repair-jobs , shaft reclamation, ship building, steel furniture, storage...

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ARC Equipments

Inverter (IGBT) based, energy efficient welding rectifiers for heavy duty structural welding applic...

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Industrial Gas Equipments

The regulator is used to control pressure from the storage medium by reducing pressure and regulati...

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About Us

sethi sunil and company is a leading supplier of all kinds of welding equipment’s and consumables in the past 45 years. sethi sunil company is authorised distributor of ador welding and having well reputed market presence in North Indian industrial hub and surrounding are of Delhi NCR.

We provide all types of welding consumables, welding equipment’s, arc equipment’s, industrial gas equipment’s and consumables. our service and prices are unmatched.

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